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Richard Greene Company is your Watlow distributor in Southern IL, MO and KS.  All of our Application Specialists are factory trained and work on solving issues with Watlow applications. Watlow designs and manufactures industrial heaters, temperature sensors, controllers and supporting software as well as assemblies – all of the components of a thermal system. The company partners with its customers to optimize thermal performance, decrease design time and improve efficiency of their products and applications.


aspyre 60 90 amp 2

The ASPYRE Power Controller Family is flexible and scalable, and available with a variety of options allowing one platform to be re-used across a wide range of applications, which can help save time and money. ASPYRE models available include sizes from 35 to 700 amps.

This power controller family features multiple advanced microprocessor-based firing and control mode algorithms. Combined with diagnostics and several communications options the product enables equipment and factory automation.

Controller firing modes include zero cross, burst firing, single cycle, delayed triggering and phase angle. These smart algorithms enable the product to easily control a wide base of heater loads including Nichrome®, moly, silicon carbide, tungsten quartz and infrared lamps and transformer-coupled loads. ASPYRE offers a comprehensive list of modular options that deliver space and labor savings including controlled legs (1, 2 or 3), semiconductor fusing, load current measurement, amperage size and user interface.



WATCONNECT standard control panels are quickly configured to your specific application requirements and delivered expeditiously. WATCONNECT panels integrate Watlow’s high-quality heater, sensor, temperature controller and power controller products for a complete thermal solution. Normally, competitive custom panels require significantly longer lead times. The broad range of standard features allow customers to quickly configure panels that usually would be considered custom.


RMA Plus small

The RMA PLUS Remote Access Module, an enhanced version of the legacy EZ-ZONE® RM remote access module. The RMA PLUS communicates quickly and efficiently and features an integrated USB connection that provides easy connection from a PC without the hassle of a converter.

The RMA PLUS offers plug and play access to the powerful EZ-ZONE RM family of controllers and integrates easily into existing systems. It comes standard with a built-in Ethernet switch eliminating the need to provide an additional switch for small systems. The RMA PLUS also offers port mirroring for troubleshooting and protects from broadcast and multicast storms. The integrated USB connection ensures real-time communication from software packages and the Modbus® TCP and Modbus® RTU capabilities allow users to connect to third-party and legacy devices.

The RMA PLUS is capable of data logging as well and users can log up to 16 gigabytes of data standard or upgrade to a user supplied 32 gigabyte SD card. Note, 32GB is the maximum size SD card allowed by design. Configuration and data logs are available as Windows® files so they can be easily accessed.

Watlow’s Adaptive Thermal Systems (ATS™)

Sensing, Heating and Controlling

Richard Greene Company is proud to recommend and implement Watlow’s Adaptive Thermal Systems (ATS™), a suite of technologies that combine sensing, heating and controlling in innovative ways to improve the thermal performance of your application. ATS™ technology integrates foundational technology platforms including power conversion, multi-loop control and sensing, integrated TCH junction temperature control and high TCR materials based temperature control to optimize performance that is specific to the problem being solved. For example, locations where temperature sensing was previously impractical can now be measured utilizing heater circuits as additional sensors.

  • Enable chamber matching/fingerprinting
  • Provide multi-zone azimuthal temperature control
  • Improve yields
  • Enhance diagnostics and FDC
  • Prevent ceramic pedestal breakage
  • Adapt to changing process conditions
  • Reduce wiring
  • Reduce footprint requirements
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Watlow is a leading supplier of integrated multi-function, process and temperature controllers; power switching devices; agency-related safety limits; operator interface terminals; process and event data loggers and recorders and accessories to reliably implement and control a complete thermal system.


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