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The Richard Greene Company is your OMRON distributor in Southern IL, MO and KS.  All of our Application Specialists are factory trained and work on solving issues with OMRON applications.Established in the U.S. in 1973, Omron Electronics LLC—now Omron Automation & Safety—has grown to include sales, support and training available across the country, with an extensive network of distribution and support channels. From advanced automation systems to electronic control components and safety solutions, Omron helps America’s largest and most demanding industries maximize efficiency and optimize production in their manufacturing processes. Our customers can rest assured any automation strategy developed will be done to meet the needs of today and the many challenges of the future.

TM Series Collaborative Robots from OMRON.

Complete line of robots.

E2EW image


OMRON E2EW proxes are new welding proximity sensors.
Omron E2EW Double sensing distance image Omron E2EW quadruple distance model Premium microhawk_barcode-ov

OMRON MicroHAWK Barcode Readers

MicroHAWK Barcode Readers



OMRON ES Series Controllers meet a wide range of applications needs for food processing machines, packaging machines, extruders, semiconductor production equipment, and many other areas with high speed, high performance, easy settings, and easy-to-read displays.



OMRON NX-series

Communication Control Unit/Safety Control Units (OMRON NX SL5 from Richard Greene Company) are key safety networks. 


Machine Automation Controller – NX1

NX1 is the next standard in automation control that is IIOT ready and designed to meet many modern manufacturing needs such as:

Product highlights:

Built-in OPC UA Server:

SQL Client embedded:


ZW-7000/ZW-5000 Series Confocal Displacement Sensor

Download ZW-5000 and ZW-7000 Brochure nx_tcm849-99089-150x150 Non-contact, Confocal, white LED displacement sensor
Strict quality control, production speed and appearance inspection are constantly increasing. To meet these demands, stable measurements during movement for quality inspection without compromising manufacturing speed are required.

Harnessing the benefits of the white light confocal principle, the ZW-7000/5000 meets these demands for most any material type (glass, metal, plastic, etc.) and shape (round, flat, uneven, etc).





NX Series CIP Safety Controller with EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP capabilities

In addition to new hardware, Sysmac Studio new functions include Automatic Programming, Safety Data Logging, and Online Functional Test.

Add-on or stand-alone CIP Safety

The NX-CSG320 is a communications controller that allows the NX-SL5_ series safety controllers to work independent of the machine control system for add-on safety or stand-alone safety network applications

Integrated control and safety with Safety over EtherCAT and CIP Safety on Ethernet/IP simultaneously

When used with the NX102 Machine Automation Controller the NX-SL5_ series Safety Controller can simultaneously communicate FSoE over EtherCAT and CIP Safety on Ethernet/IP at the same time allowing for unique application involving high-speed synchronous motion, machine to machine control or communication with remote devices utilizing the CIP Safety protocol over Ethernet/IP.

Software enhancements to quicken design and verification of safety

Quicken design with Automatic Programming to get machines up and running fast by creating the bulk of basic programming. Make sure that logic works the first time with Simple Automatic Test, automatically test logic based on expected outcomes without the need of manual simulation. To complete the commissioning process the Online Functional Test, guarantees the operation and functionality of physically connected devices with this test function that runs within the programming software.


Click the links below to download:



Download zw-7000-and-5000-series-data-sheet-icon

ZW-7000/ZW-5000 Datasheet

Download nx1-brochure-icon

NX1 Machine Automation Controller


Informational Videos

Learn more with Richard Greene Co informational videos:

Control & Motion Control & Motion


OMRON Adept Robots

OMRON Laser Marker

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