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The Richard Greene Co. is your Nachi Robotic Systems distributor in Southern IL, MO and KS. All of our Application Specialists are factory trained and work on filling all of your robotic needs.

Nachi Robotic Systems, Inc. North American headquarters is in Novi, MI. NRS supplies a wide range of robots and successful turnkey solutions for many applications, including: spot welding, arc welding, sealing, collaborative, material handling, machine tending, material removal, foundry, forging, packaging/palletizing and assembly.


LP Series (Palletizing Series Robots)

LP Series 130, 190, 210 with text

Advanced palletizing software functions including Path Optimization, Auto Program Creation and Mis-load avoidance increase your productivity.

Nachi Robotic Systems palletizing robots have a Reach up to 3210mm, Payload up to 180/210kg, 4 axis, and Repeatability up to ±0.4mm. The LP Series offers generous horizontal and vertical strokes. A single robot is capable of reaching up to 6 pallets in a single cell. High-speed LP130 can reach 1800 cycles per hour. Air and Control wiring provided to J4 for easy connectivity to your part gripper. Robot floor mounting.

Application Targets

  • Palletizing
  • Material handling
  • Case packing


SRA Series

Nachi SRA models have the fastest 100kg and 250kg payloads in the industry. High-wrist torque and rigid arm provide unmatched motion that can handle the most demanding robotic applications. SRA-H line features a hollow arm structure and best in class spot welding speed and performance.


Versatile, low energy, wide range of applications

Nachi’s latest spot welding technology is integrated into the industry's fastest industrial robots, the Nachi SRA Series, which provides the industry’s most advanced spot welding controls and software functionality. Utilizing fully integrated weld controls, all spot welding data can be directly inputted and monitored through the robot’s teach pendant. A customer is able to create detailed weld schedules unique to your application and material types with ease using the full-color touch screen graphical spot welding user interface. Nachi Robotics’ SRA series reduces spot welding times by 30 percent over previous models through improved motion control, improved arm rigidity, vibration suppression, and acceleration performance.

Nachi Robotics SRA robots also offer A-Trac cable management systems to simplify:

  • Routing of power cables
  • Pneumatic lines
  • Water hoses
  • Signal cables to spot welding guns

SRA Compact
1634-2071mm  Payload: 100 kg  Axis: 6

SRA Standard
2654-2674mm  Payload: 100-210kg  Axis: 6

SRA Long Reach
2951-3099mm  Payload: 120-133 kg  Axis: 6

SRA Shelf Mount
2231-3734mm  Payload: 100-166kg  Axis: 6

SRA-H (Hollow Arm Robots)
1634-2654mm  Payload: 100-133kg  Axis: 6


Benefits & Features:

  • SRA-H Advanced Hollow Arm Design
    • Hollow arm desing neatly packages all pneumatic, power, and servomotor cables.
    • Eliminates the need for external dress packages
    • Permits extremely accurate offline programing and simulation studies
    • Internal dress eliminates cable snags with peripheral equipment
    • Improved cable life minimizes maintenance requirements
  • Improved Productivity
    • High speed gun motor control for fast open / close
    • High acceleration SRA-H robot for quickest movement between welds SRA-H robots are the world’s fastest in their payload class
  •     Extensive product line
    •       SRA-H comes in various payloads from 100kg to 220kg
    •       Standard floor mount models, invert mount model, long reach models over 3 meters.
    •       New hollow arm series for internal dress of spot welding utilities provides extra protection and minimized stress for utility lines (cooling water, weld power, signals, servo gun cables)
  • Improved Weld Quality
    • Pressure calibration up to 10 points for more accurate pressure through the spot welding range
    • Nachi’s integrated spot weld timer AC version available now, DC version from Jan-2014.  Full programming from the robot teach pendant, weld results storage for traceability, full integration for fastest possible communication.
  •  Spot weld solutions for aluminum parts
    • Long tip life between dress cycles (>400 welds)

SRA-H Application Targets

Spot welding | Machine tending | Material removal | Palletizing | Material handling
Deburring | Assembly | Press tending |Dispensing


MR Series 7-axis

Nachi MR20 with text

Unique 7-Axis design distinguishes the MR series from other robotic products by providing increased freedom of motion and achieving optimum robot posture at all times.  The 7th axis allows the MR series to avoid singularities by providing multiple arm posture solutions for a single working TCP.

The innovative design structure offered by the MR series makes it excellent for machine tending applications allowing the robot to be placed to the side of the machine, providing an open front for machine maintenance.  The MR20 provides an impressive 1260mm of reach at 20Kg payload or up to 30Kg if using a 1000mm envelope.  Floor and Invert mounting solutions are available to maximize work cell flexibility and reduce the automation floor space required.

MR series robots are also capable of working cooperatively to perform complex assembly tasks boasting an impressive ± 0.06mm repeatability.  When combined with a robot slider the MR series can tend many machines using a single robot, drastically reducing automation costs.


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