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The Richard Greene Co. is your Husky Rack and Wire distributor in Southern IL, MO and KS. All of our Application Specialists are factory trained and work on solving machine guarding applications. Let us help you choose the right configuration for maximum machine guarding.


VELOX Machine Guarding

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Keep your employees safe.
Any machine that moves can pose a risk to employees. We can help you comply with OSHA and other regulatory bodies that set the standards for where and how workers are to be protected. Machine guarding is often the best way to ensure a safe environment and drastically reduce the potential for accidents and fines.

What makes Velox Different?
Velox machine guarding allows you to quickly and easily create a safe perimeter for you and your employees. Velox installs quickly, offers high-visibility, and can be modified in the field to suit your specific needs, helping you to protect employees and avoid accidents.

  • Lightweight, yet strong 8-gauge wire panels.
  • Pre-welded clips allow you to quickly lock panels in place
  • Reinforcing ridge adds extra stability without adding weight
  • Our posts give you the greatest strength and stability in the market

If you answer yes to any of these, then you need Velox:

    • Do you want to avoid workplace injuries?
    • Do you have exposed machinery with moving parts?
    • Do you want to stay compliant and up-to-date with industry regulations?
    • Would you like to avoid fines?
    • Would shutting down production have a negative effect on your bottom line?


Husky Rack and Wire VELOX Features

Husky Fencing Cut-to-Fit panels

Cut-to-fit panels

Sometimes standard sizes don't work for every application, so we made each panel customizable. Simply cut in the field to create the perfect fit. When panels are resized, bolt-on clips can replace standard welded clips, making Velox incredibly versatile.

Fast Assembly

Fastest Installation


Easy Modification




Choose 6 or 8 feet of protection. Standard panel guards are 66" high which allows a 6" sweep at the floor. If you need an 8' barrier, simply get 8' posts and add a 24" panel to the top for added protection.


Choose from 10 panel widths starting at 10" all the way to 94". Available widths: 10"| 22"| 28"| 34"| 40"| 46"| 58"| 70"| 82"| 94"


Add an access point to any part of your Velox machine guarding. Choose from several options: A swinging door, a double swinging door or a sliding door which you could move large equipment through. Each door can work in 6' or 8' height configurations.

Shown below:

8' swing door| 6' swing door| Double swing door| Single sliding door| Double sliding door


We offer four kinds of posts for maximum flexibility, including basic posts for straight lines and 90 degree corners and adjustable corner posts for inside corner posts for inside corners and odd angles. Additionally we have two kinds of door posts to accommodate swinging and sliding doors. All posts are available in 6' or 8'. Shown below: Line or corner| Sliding door| Swing door| Adjustable corner

Latches & Locks

Outfit your doors with a regular latch or an interlock that turns off machinery when opened. Shown below: Standard latch| Interlock

Specialty Items

Special sizes, Lexan and sheet metal panels are also available.


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Velox Machine Guarding by Husky Rack & Wire

Download the Velox Machine Guarding brochure.


Informational Videos

Learn more with Richard Greene Co informational videos:

Velox Machine Guarding

Velox Machine Guarding Installation
Velox Machine Guarding Door Options

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