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Managing heat with controls and sensors

Richard Greene Company Application Engineers create engineered heat management solutions using sensors from Watlow, Omron and Red Lion.

Many plant engineers do not give much thought to the heaters operating within their processes and applications - unless those heaters fail, require significant maintenance or cause other problems. Unfortunately, heaters play an integral role in many applications. Therefore, heater problems can easily snowball and lead to much larger headaches.

Following a few simple guidelines will not only reduce the likelihood of heater-related issues, but can actually have a significant positive impact on the efficiency of systems and reduce maintenance requirements and costs. Below are 10 ways from Watlow to maximize a heater's service life and performance:

  1. Guard against heater contamination
  2. Protect leads and terminations from high temperatures and excessive movement
  3. Heater selection and sizing are important
  4. Ground the equipment
  5. Regulating voltage ensures the rated heater voltage matches voltage supply
  6. Prevent excessive heater cycling
  7. Ensure that the sheath material and watt density ratings are compatible with the material being heated
  8. Mount immersion tank heaters horizontally near the tank bottom
  9. Prevent build-up and sludge on the heater elements
  10. Ensure proper, tight temperature control and safety limit protection


Watlow controllers include the Aspyre modular and scalable Power Controller Line ideal for a wide range of applications.

Sensors include a wide range of temperatures from 400' F to 2200'F:

Thermocouples (22), RTD, connection heads, thermowells, fittings, protection tubes, connectors, transmitters. Mounting options include bayonet fitting, surface mount, threaded hole, weld attachment, peel & stick, round surface and mounting bolt.

Red Lion® offers a wide variety of temperature sensors from -328'F to 1300'F. Both RTD and thermocouples sensors are available in various mounting configurations to satisfy your application requirements.  They are available with quick disconnect ends and field-cuttable cables, with optional amplifiers.

Richard Greene Application Engineers work in the field to supply the best type of sensor for your needs. This wide range of sensor types will accommodate all heat related industrial production environments.



Since 1958 Richard Greene Company has matched the right purchase to the right application. Our 60+ years of service to the industrial automation industry extends beyond sensors to include PLCs, Servo Systems and Robots.

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