Product Spotlight for November 2014

Modular Tower Light

Building A Better Tower Light

Are you looking for a tower light? Are you frustrated because you can’t find exactly what you need for your specific application? If so, Richard Greene has the perfect solution: Build the light that you need!

With the Banner TL70 Modular Tower Light, you choose how to order and build the light based on your specifications. You have with the flexibility to customize alerts and change positions in the field.

Better and brighter
The TL70 takes the form of a 70-mm tower with two banks of LED lights. The IP65 housing is rugged and water resistant, built of UV-stabilized material. The housing for the light is available in black or gray. So far so good — but here’s where this tower really begins to shine.

You can customize the light for your application in a variety of ways:

  • Use up to five colored segments plus an optional 92-dB audible module.
  • Choose from red, green, yellow, white, and blue.
  • Configure lights to appear as solid ON or flashing at a rate of 1.5 or 3 Hz.
  • Choose an audible-alarm tone: pulsing, chirping, siren, or continuous.
  • Select from optional accessories such as right-angle bracket, flush-mount foldable bracket, elevated mounting system, and cordsets (5-Pin or 8-Pin M12/Euro-Style).
  • Order a pre-assembled model or choose your components individually.

The TL70 indicator segments appear gray when turned off, to eliminate the risk of false indication. And if you choose the modular model, installation is fast, simple, and user friendly. Simply assign each module position (using DIP switches 1 to 6), the flash rate (switch 7), and the audible tone (switch 8). Align the segment markings, press together, and twist to lock. Then apply power through M12 QD, flying lead cable, and terminals. Voila, you’re done!

Take a look at the TL70 in action or watch a tutorial, then contact Richard Greene experts for help with selection, installation, integration with existing systems, and configuration. Give us a call!

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