Product Spotlight for June 2014

Make Your Plant Floor More Productive with the Right HMI

Today’s manufacturing environments depend on both humans and machines — and of course, a way to help the two to work together, safely and efficiently. Deploying a high-quality human-machine interface (HMI) is a key part of getting the most out of your assembly line.

As most operators can attest, finding the right HMI is a more complicated process than choosing run-of-the-mill electronics. An HMI is more than its display screen — although products that offer large, high-resolution color displays that provide easy viewing of important information are fantastic. Still, the true value of an HMI comes from what that display shows your operators and floor managers.

Centralized control
Richard Greene Company understands the importance of versatile, customizable HMIs that can adapt to any application and environment — including hazardous ones. That’s why we represent Red Lion’s HMI offerings.

Red Lion provides a range of HMIs that can meet virtually any need. From the factory floor to the oil field or wastewater processing plant, these HMIs deliver. Standard serial multi-communication ports (with more ports available through expansion cards), Ethernet ports, and an extensive variety of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) provide powerful communications and control.

The Red Lion HMI’s features — including communication setup, protocol conversion, Ethernet connectivity, data and event logging, alerting, graphics, multiple-language support, and more — are easy to set up. Built-in web servers grant control and immediate access to any page in the database, via Web browser, from remote locations worldwide.

Increased ProducTVity
One product among Red Lion’s many HMI offerings is the ProducTVity Station, which is designed especially for monitoring equipment on the production floor. This ready-to-deploy plant-floor visualization system offers an array of features and capabilities:

• Message boards and key performance indicators
• 720P DVI output, supporting 720 or 1,080 TVs with DVI or HDMI interfaces
• More than 200 communications drivers
• Support for as many as 16 modules for digital and analog signals
• Built-in Web server for remote viewing and control
• Email and SMS text message alerts
• Data logging and synchronization with FTP servers and Microsoft SQL Server
• HDMI cable and HDMI/DVI adapter
• UL listing for use in hazardous locations

The ProducTVity solution is programmed with Red Lion’s popular Crimson 3.0 software, which lets you configure communications, logging, and ProducTVity’s visual displays through simple drag-and-drop steps. Crimson 3.0 features enhanced drivers (including camera drivers) and multiple protocol support.

Precision control and extensive data collection make ProducTVity HMIs a natural fit for many manufacturing environments. Don’t wait to find out more. Richard Greene can provide a wealth of information and assistance in integrating these high-quality HMIs into your processes. Visit the Red Lion website or contact Richard Greene for more information.

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