Product Spotlight for April 2014

Intuitive Safety Control: Banner SC26-2

This programmable controller provides flexibility, ease of use, and efficient control for a variety of safety systems.

A robust and reliable safety controller is a critical component in the design of failsafe systems or processes that help ensure operator or machine safety. Industrial safety controllers must provide a flexible yet precise interface between monitored inputs and safety outputs.

Richard Greene Company represents just such a controller: the Banner SC26-2. This programmable, small-footprint safety controller is both flexible and efficient. And its intuitive programming environment, which features Boolean logic, makes the device a snap to use.

You can program the SC26-1 to monitor a variety of input devices:
• Emergency stop (E-stop) buttons
• Rope pulls
• Protective safety stops
• Interlocked guards or gates
• Optical sensors
• Two-hand controls
• Safety mats
• Enabling devices

The controller’s Boolean logic functions and safety function blocks contribute to its user-friendly programming and implementation. An optional live GUI display, included software, and diagnostic features help to simplify both commissioning and troubleshooting. Optional accessories include a USB cable, external memory drive, and resource CD.

The controller features 26 input terminals, eight of which can be configured as outputs in the base controller. An Ethernet model is also available, providing as many as 64 virtual status outputs. And a soon-to-be-released expandable model — the XS26-2 — will add up to eight additional I/O modules for larger-scale applications.

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