Product Spotlight Volume 4

We Do ... Collaborative Robots


Now offers Complete Care Robotic Services.


Complete Care service coverage for robots increases robot reliability and eliminates budget uncertainty with fixed, annual service pricing.

Focused on reducing the cost of ownership and maximizing up time, Omron’s Complete Care service program complements our warranty and extends it to provide the support needed to maintain and protect a customer’s robots. At a fixed, annual price, our service program includes:

  • Annual Wellness Visits for preventive maintenance and inspections
  • Coverage for all field labor and parts for repairs
  • Priority Dispatch for Field Service Support
  • Premium Technical Support

With an initial coverage period of 2 years after shipment and the ability to be extended, in annual agreements, through the first 6 years after shipment, our program enables customers to accurately budget for their maintenance and support requirements while ensuring they get the support they need, when they need it from factory trained experts. In a single program, customers can protect their capital investment, prolonging its life span and maximizing its productivity.

Benefits of a Complete Care Service Contract:

  • Elimination of budget uncertainty,  with a known, fixed cost for all maintenance and service.
  • Preservation of the robot’s performance with the included regular, scheduled Wellness Visits.
  • Identification and resolution of small issues before they cause a line down with the annual inspection that is part of a Wellness Visit.
  • Rapid response to technical and application support questions with 24/7 and “front of the queue” access to our technical support team with our Premium Support.
  • Fast production recovery with Priority Dispatch of Field Service team for emergency repairs.
  • No addition fees for spare parts or on site labor with the included parts and labor coverage.


Available both to End Users and OEMs, Complete Care Service coverage is for any new robot or any robot that is less than 6 years old (part number must still in active production). For robots not continuously covered by contract, we only require an on-site evaluation of the system by one of our field service engineers prior to the start of the Complete Care service.

We Do ... Sensors


Banner Engineering Q4X Sensors with Dual Mode (Distance + Intensity) Video

Versatile, rugged laser distance sensors offering superior performance and capable of detecting sub-millimeter changes in distance.

  • Discrete, analog (0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA), clear object, and IO-Link models available
  • Reliable sensing range from as close as 25 mm and as far as 610 mm
  • Detects across a variety of target colors, materials and surfaces based on distance
  • Dual teach mode (intensity + distance) is ideal for error-proofing applications and enables clear object detection with no retro-reflector required
  • Robust housing rated to IP69K with FDA-grade stainless steel
  • Easy setup with responsive buttons
  • Rugged design resists mechanical impact, over tightening and extreme vibration
  • Clear distance readout from angled four-digit display

We Do ... Factory Automation

Omron’s All-in-one, entry-level machine automation controller video

Compact NX1P delivers Sysmac platform advantages for small and midsize production machines.

Machine Automation Controller in a Compact Footprint

Offer your customer the powerful Sysmac platform advantages in the footprint of a micro PLC. The NX1P is ideally scaled for small and midsize production machines. Here’s a quick review of capabilities:

  • Setup, control and simulation of sequential and motion control, vision and safety from a single unit.
  • One software—Sysmac Studio—configures control in an integrated development environment that lets developers share one data table across multiple control disciplines.
  • Both EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP network connections provide optimum data exchange with devices and machines throughout a factory.

Why OEMs Want NX1P

The new controller helps OEMs to be competitive by offering a scalable solution from one vendor, passing on higher productivity than several separate controllers, and lowering the total cost of design and support. With 24 or 40 local I/O built-in, 4 to 8 motion axes, the NX1P meets the need for a compact, affordable controller with built-in motion control with no additional modules. The base unit has 4 point-to-point motion axes. To connect the machine to the plant floor, NX1P provides both built in EtherNet/IP (32 connections) and built in EtherCAT (16 nodes).

Who Needs This?

Machine builders who want to standardize on the industry’s most advanced control platform are seeking the performance capability scaled down in price and capabilities for small and midsize machines. NX1P is positioned exactly where you want it, with low number of motion axes, built-in IO and performance that competes with the NJ1 series controllers. It uses Sysmac Studio Lite, a core subset of full software capabilities at a lower cost.

A Long-Awaited Revolution in Low End Control

So why is NX1P the best in class, all-in-one package controller? It has the potential to change the lower end PLC segment especially for small machine OEMs/builders.


It is the first Sysmac controller to have local bus. This is similar to NJ MAC for built-in EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT. It can expand to adjacent technologies including Safety using couplers.

The game changer is the motion: There are 4 axes of networked motion built into the base model and up to 8 axes total. This built-in networked motion goes very well with the 1S servo, especially for small OEMs who want to upgrade from steppers/inverters.

  • Built in IO:  24/40 points
  • Add 8 NX local units even on base model (Including NX power supply modules)
  • IO-LINK Master on NX Bus – IOT/Predictive Maintenance
  • Expand to 808 pts using NX couplers
  • Push in connectors reduce wiring time

We Do ... Machine Safety

Banner Engineering’s Expandable Safety Controller Video

With the option to add up to eight I/O expansion modules, the XS26-2 expandable safety controller has the capacity to adapt to a variety of machines, including large scale machines with multiple processes.

  • Program in minutes with intuitive, easy-to-use configuration software
  • Up to eight expansion I/O modules can be added as automation requirements grow or change
  • Choose from six expansion module models
  • Expansion module models have a variety of safety inputs, solid-state safety outputs and safety relay outputs
  • Innovative live display feature and diagnostics allow for active monitoring of I/O on a PC and assist in troubleshooting and commissioning
  • Controller and input modules allow safety inputs to be converted to status outputs for efficient terminal use
  • Ethernet-enabled models can be configured for up to 256 virtual status outputs

We Do ... Heat & Controls


Watlow’s new ASPYRE power controller family is flexible and scalable, and available with a variety of options allowing one platform to be re-used across a wide range of applications, which can help save time and money. ASPYRE models available include sizes from 35 to 700 amps.

This power controller family features multiple advanced microprocessor-based firing and control mode algorithms. Combined with diagnostics and several communications options the product enables equipment and factory automation.

Controller firing modes include zero cross, burst firing, single cycle, delayed triggering and phase angle. These smart algorithms enable the product to easily control a wide base of heater loads including Nichrome®, moly, silicon carbide, tungsten quartz and infrared lamps and transformer-coupled loads. ASPYRE offers a comprehensive list of modular options that deliver space and labor savings including controlled legs (1, 2 or 3), semiconductor fusing, load current measurement, amperage size and user interface.


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