Richard Greene Celebrates First Year Anniversary with Ramco Innovations RICHARD GREENE CELEBRATES FIRST YEAR WITH RAMCO INNOVATIONS Richard Greene Company and Ramco Innovations, two of the Midwest’s top industrial automation distributors, have combined resources, systems, and expertise. This partnership has allowed the company to deliver broader engineered solutions, top-tier customer service, and expanded vendor offerings for products designed to maximize efficiency. We […]

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Nachi Robotics Now at Richard Greene Company WE DO… New Robotics Line The Richard Greene Company is excited to announce the addition of Nachi Robotic Systems to our portfolio of robotic solutions.  We can now offer a full range of standard robots to solve a wide variety of applications including palletizing, arc welding, machine tending and clean room installations.  Payloads up to 1000kg, […]

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Jason Barringer Promotion WE DO… Jason Barringer Promoted to Office Manager – Lenexa, Kansas Please join us in congratulating Jason Barringer as he takes on additional responsibilities along with his role as Territory Manager at our Lenexa, Kansas office as Office Manager. Since joining Richard Greene October 22, 2001 Jason has excelled as Territory Manager, built on […]

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Product Spotlight Volume 6

Corporate Video The Automation Engineering Lab Keep up with the latest in automation, robotics and more Richard Greene Company invites you to explore the Automation Engineering Lab (AEL) in St. Louis: Robot demonstrations Safety design Laser measuring Vision identification and inspection Proof of concept Control scheme building Please contact us to schedule a demonstration. WE […]

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Richard Greene Company Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Richard Greene Company Serving Industrial Customers Since 1958 2018 St. Louis, Missouri Lenexa, Kansas Richard Greene, Jr. and St. Louis & Kansas CityTeam Celebrate 60th Anniversary  History Making Highway Sign Richard Greene Company, founded by Richard Greene in 1958 was a family focused enterprise from the beginning. When an out of town move from St. […]

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Product Spotlight Volume 5

Product Spotlight Volume 5 We Do … Collaborative Robots RG2 Gripper The RG2 gripper is a flexible electric gripper specially designed for robots from Universal Robots. The long stroke allows the gripper to handle a variety of object sizes. Adjusting the gripping force allows the gripper to handle both delicate and heavy object. The standard […]

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Product Spotlight Volume 4

Product Spotlight Volume 4 We Do … Collaborative Robots Now offers Complete Care Robotic Services.   Complete Care service coverage for robots increases robot reliability and eliminates budget uncertainty with fixed, annual service pricing. Focused on reducing the cost of ownership and maximizing up time, Omron’s Complete Care service program complements our warranty and extends […]

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Product Spotlight Volume 3

Product Spotlight Volume 3 We Do … Collaborative Robots Adept Cobra i800 SCARA Robot The Adept Cobra™ i800 SCARA robot is an affordable, high-performance SCARA robot system for mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tending, screw driving, and many other applications that require fast and precise automation. With a built-in amplifier and motion controller, the Adept […]

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Product Spotlight – Volume 2

Product Spotlight Volume 2 We Do … Collaborative Robots ROBOTIQ’S PLUG + PLAY CAMERA Robotiq’s Camera brings Plug + Play vision for Universal Robots. 5-minute setup time. Simple object teaching interface. Autonomous location of objects on work surface. No coding required. We Do … Sensors LTF Laser Measurement Sensors Banner High-performance LTF Series Sensors detect targets regardless […]

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Product Spotlight – Volume 1

Product Spotlight- Volume 1 FLEXIBLE ROBOT GRIPPERS AND TORQUE SENSOR FOR UNIVERSAL ROBOTS GIVE YOUR ROBOT THE SENSE OF TOUCH Richard Greene Company is featuring adaptive tools designed for Fast, Easy, Plug-and Play integration with the collaborative robots from Universal Robots.  Robotiq makes servo-driven grippers and precise torque and force sensors for EOAT. They provide […]

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Ramco Innovations
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