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The Richard Greene Company is your OMRON distributor in Southern IL, MO and KS.  All of our Application Specialists are factory trained and work on solving issues with OMRON applications.Established in the U.S. in 1973, Omron Electronics LLC—now Omron Automation & Safety—has grown to include sales, support and training available across the country, with an extensive network of distribution and support channels. From advanced automation systems to electronic control components and safety solutions, Omron helps America’s largest and most demanding industries maximize efficiency and optimize production in their manufacturing processes. Our customers can rest assured any automation strategy developed will be done to meet the needs of today and the many challenges of the future.




OMRON NX-series Communication Control Unit/Safety Control Units (OMRON NX SL5 from Richard Greene Company) are key safety networks.



ZW-7000/ZW-5000 (ZW7000-ZW5000_Datasheet from Richard Greene Company)

Non-contact, Confocal, white LED displacement sensor
Strict quality control, production speed and appearance inspection are constantly increasing. To meet these demands, stable measurements during movement for quality inspection without compromising manufacturing speed are required.


Harnessing the benefits of the white light confocal principle, the ZW-7000/5000 meets these demands for most any material type (glass, metal, plastic, etc.) and shape (round, flat, uneven, etc).

– Small spot diameter down to 9µm improving the ability to measure minute profiles
– Constant spot diameter throughout total measuring range
– Slim form factor of the optical probe – fits anywhere
– Response time as fast as 20µs – Enables high-speed sampling during motion
– High Resolution of  0.25µm allows hairline pattern measurements or irregular surfaces
– Linearity down to ±0.45µm regardless of material type, as a result no tuning is required
– Superb angle compensation of ±25⁰ makes the measurement of round or inclined surfaces possible
– Machine control integration made easy with available DLL files


OMRON Laser_Marker_Brochure from Richard Greene Company

The Perfect Solution for Medium Speed Vision Applications
The demands for high quality and permanent identification systems are more stringent than ever before. Manufacturers today require not only to identify their product, but they have the need to trace their products in case of a recall or when proof is required that the products delivered meet their customers’ specifications.  The MX-Z20xxH series of laser markers meets such industry demands and provides high quality, permanent identification with scaling capabilities to add functionality to the process like product traceability or position compensation for example. The MX-Z20xxH offers great flexibility in terms of marking, connectivity and ability to integrate easily to other systems or controls.

Communications and Control via EtherNet I/P, RS-232

– Target materials to laser mark: Stainless Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Gold, Silver, ABS, PBT, POM, PC, PP, PVC and other materials
– Color marking on stainless steel
– High resolution of 2µm gives the ability to mark characters as small as 0.1mm (100µm)
– Laser mark 1D and 2D codes (Code 39, NW-7, ITF, Code 128, JAN, GS1, QR Codes, Micro QR, Data Matrix – ECC200, GS1 Data Matrix)
– Imports and laser marks drawings (DXF) or JPG, BMP, PNG images

Reduce the Cycle Time and Equipment Required
Vision attachment  available, enables a single vision system to find product coordinates and inspect markings, which reduces the machine cycle  time and the number of vision systems required to one. Enables one point to do everything: check position of part, marking and inspection. Reduces the cycle time as the parts to be laser marked do not have to be indexed from one station to the next

Direct connectivity to Omron’s vision systems. The MX-Z20xxH sends commands directly to the vision system and the vision system sends results back to the laser marker.  This removes the need of a PLC (and its programming) to manage the laser marker and vision system.

Capability to Easily Add a Traceability System
The demands for product traceability are constantly increasing and flexibility to provide such a solution is a must.  The MX-Z20xxH has capabilities to easily adapt into a traceability system.  Obtain marking data directly from the laser marker. Log inspection data, results as well as the images from the vision system and store them into a database for record keeping and traceability purposes. Omron provides a full solution that includes the vision system and a machine controller and SQL client to connect to an SQL database.   In addition the solution can even include Omron’s IPC (industrial personal computer), where the SQL server can reside.

3D Marking
This feature allows perfect marking on 3 dimensional surfaces of spheres, cylinders, cones (interior or exterior), step or slanted.

OMRON and Microscan are now part of the same company. Ask your Richard Greene application specialist how these can work together for you.

OMRON Adept Robots provide solutions customized to your application. The Richard Greene Application Specialist will make the recommendation that is right for your process.

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