How to Simplify Safety — and Save!

Safety ControllerIn assembly operations, safety comes first. But large, complex operations often seem to have more safety controllers than processes!

The problem is that many controllers are designed to perform just one function: two-hand control, gate monitoring, muting, and so on. And the more units involved, the greater the clutter. Simple things like wiring become a hazard and multiple controllers can get expensive, fast.

Solve by simplifying
Banner’s XS26-2 Expandable Safety Controller offers a solution. With up to 8 expansion I/O modules, the XS26-2 lets your safety grow with your automation — without adding units and wires. You can choose from six expansion module models, and the controller works with multiple safety devices, including but not limited to:

  • Emergency stops
  • Gate switches
  • Two-hand controls
  • Safety mats
  • Rope pulls
  • Bypass switches

The controller’s live display and diagnostics provide active monitoring and make troubleshooting a snap. And the configuration software is straightforward and easy to use. In just 12 pages, the product Quick Start guide can have you up and running in minutes!

Want more information? These videos show how easy it is to work with this Banner controller.

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  • video1a
    Banner Photoeyes
    on Conveyors
  • video2a
    Raytek on
    Cement Kiln
  • video3a
    Omron CJ2 Control Update
    on Palletizer
  • video4a
    Microscan Bar Code
    in Rough Environment
  • video5a
    Drive Upgrade
  • video6a
    Remote IO
  • video7a
    Microscan Customize Linear
    to 2D Barcode Applicaton
  • video8a
    Omron ZG2
    Precise Level Measurement
  • video9a
    Banner Wireless to Keep
    Employees in Safe Environment
  • video10a
    Updated Control System
  • video11a
    Ultrasonic Limit Control
  • video12a
    CTC Monitor Environment
    For Improved Productivity
  • video13a
    Universal Robot
    Efficiency Gain