Product Spotlight Volume 3



Adept Cobra i800 SCARA Robot

The Adept Cobra™ i800 SCARA robot is an affordable, high-performance SCARA robot system for mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tending, screw driving, and many other applications that require fast and precise automation. With a built-in amplifier and motion controller, the Adept Cobra i800 delivers high footprint efficiency and is part of the industry’s only line of self-contained, standalone SCARA robots

Premier Range of Robust Modular Trapped Key Interlocks

mGard is the premier range of trapped key interlocks for industrial safety applications, from Fortress Interlocks. Trapped key interlocking (often referred to as Castell locking) is a method of controlling two or more independent operations which must take place in a predetermined sequence. The need for this sequence may be safety to personnel and equipment, or it may be to control processes. It is, therefore, essential that the interlocking should be positive and incapable of defeat by unauthorized means.

Entry Level SQL Client CPUs

New entry level SQL Client machine automation controller leverages Big Data and IIOT.

We have expanded our offering of the Sysmac Machine Automation Controllers that directly connect to SQL databases with the entry-level NJ101 SQL Client models with few or no motion control axes. They can be used with a variety of SQL databases without special software or middleware. In addition to automation and motion control, they are used to perform data logging tasks and replace complex SCADA or gateway systems. With the addition of entry level SQL client CPUs, Omron has simplified the startup of big data utilization and IIoT introduction into manufacturing processes of varied scales. The NJ SQL Client CPUs can be installed on existing equipment as well as new machine builds.

VE Series Smart Cameras

  • Banner’s free and easy-to-use Vision Manager Software provides a number of tools and capabilities that enable VE Series Smart Cameras to solve a wide range of vision applications, such as item detection, part positioning, feature measurement and flaw analysis
  • Available in 2MP (1600 x 1200 pixels), 1.3MP (1280 x 1024 pixels) and WVGA (752 x 480 pixels) models, all with the same powerful inspection capabilities
  • Runtime editing capability reduces costly downtime and the software emulator allows for offline building and troubleshooting of applications
  • Factory communications (EtherNet IP, Modbus, and PROFINET) for integration on the manufacturing floor
  • Six optically isolated I/O and an external light connector on the sensor
  • Two-line, eight-character onboard display provides inspection information and focus number and makes it easy to update sensor settings, facilitating fast product changeover
  • Robust metal housing with optional lens covers to achieve IP67 rating for use in harsh environments with heat, vibration, or moisture
  • Bright indicator lights for easy viewing of camera status

Graphite Core Controller and Graphite Crimson® Control Module

Combine communication and control capabilities to reduce cost and ease operations. Both hardware offerings leverage an enhanced version of Red Lion’s powerful Crimson 3.0 software with added Crimson Control functionality to provide a single programming solution for control, networking and data visualization.

Crimson Control enables customers to use IEC 61131 programming languages – such as Ladder Logic, Function Block, Structured Text and Instruction List – to solve specific application needs  by developing logic control much like a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) without the added expense.

Click on image to view video.
  • video1a
    Banner Photoeyes
    on Conveyors
  • video2a
    Raytek on
    Cement Kiln
  • video3a
    Omron CJ2 Control Update
    on Palletizer
  • video4a
    Microscan Bar Code
    in Rough Environment
  • video5a
    Drive Upgrade
  • video6a
    Remote IO
  • video7a
    Microscan Customize Linear
    to 2D Barcode Applicaton
  • video8a
    Omron ZG2
    Precise Level Measurement
  • video9a
    Banner Wireless to Keep
    Employees in Safe Environment
  • video10a
    Updated Control System
  • video11a
    Ultrasonic Limit Control
  • video12a
    CTC Monitor Environment
    For Improved Productivity
  • video13a
    Universal Robot
    Efficiency Gain