Does Your Sensor Solution Measure Up?

When quality of both process and product are paramount, Banner’s LE Series Laser Measurement Sensors can save the day. These sensors provide laser-guided measurement of minute details — measuring 100 to 1,000 mm out of the box.

The LE Series’ linear array technology provides excellent performance and resolution no matter the color or sheen of the object. The sensor features a two-line, eight-character display and a linear array that result in accuracy for even the most challenging targets. You can use the LE Series to verify precise placement of features or different items for accurate sorting.

These sensors are great for applications such as loop control, error proofing, and positioning. Take carton profiling as an example: This important packaging task helps ensure that cartons and packages get to the correct floor area for shipment. Cartons must be measured for height, length, and width and these dimensions must be communicated to a PLC for proper placement. Simply put the cartons on a conveyor pass between two LE Series (LE550) sensors, and measure the width to sort the cartons. The analog output sends a signal to the PLC to deliver the carton to the correct storage location. The sensors’ intuitive UI makes it easy to adjust settings as needed for a variety of tasks.

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  • video1a
    Banner Photoeyes
    on Conveyors
  • video2a
    Raytek on
    Cement Kiln
  • video3a
    Omron CJ2 Control Update
    on Palletizer
  • video4a
    Microscan Bar Code
    in Rough Environment
  • video5a
    Drive Upgrade
  • video6a
    Remote IO
  • video7a
    Microscan Customize Linear
    to 2D Barcode Applicaton
  • video8a
    Omron ZG2
    Precise Level Measurement
  • video9a
    Banner Wireless to Keep
    Employees in Safe Environment
  • video10a
    Updated Control System
  • video11a
    Ultrasonic Limit Control
  • video12a
    CTC Monitor Environment
    For Improved Productivity
  • video13a
    Universal Robot
    Efficiency Gain